This Dutch association (VVTP in short) consists of eightteen theater and music producers, which together account for circa 60% of the professional entertainment for the Dutch stage. Since 2000, the VVTP strives towards a productive collaboration between unsubsidized producers of theater, music, cabaret, musical, opera, and other stage entertainment.

The association expects this collaboration to have a stimulating effect of the development of extraordinary theater and music productions. Furthermore, the association stands for collective interests of its members in areas such as legal regulations concerning terms of employment, social security, ARBO-policy, and payment of royalties. Quality and professionalism are important conditions for the activities of the members.


  • Jort Vlam
    Jort Vlam Managing director
    • Boris van der Ham
      Boris van der Ham Chairman
      • Inge Bos
        Inge Bos Secretary
        • Fred Boot
          Fred Boot Treasurer
          • Matthijs Bongertman
            Matthijs Bongertman Board member
            • Barbara Wittebol
              Barbara Wittebol Board member